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Use your data for strategic advantage

Whether its internal financial, operational, marketing or public data, pulling these sources together in strategic ways can provide insights into your business as never before.

At Mirus Group, we celebrate those who recognize and use data to achieve strategic business objectives. Our focus is helping these mavericks achieve those objectives.


Data modeling and development for transactional and analytical data stores.

Relational Database Design

Let us help you create or augment an existing SQL database(s) for enterprise-class software solutions. Entity design, table, view and stored-procedure development and considerations needed for optimal performance.

Dimensional and Semantic design modeling

Using star-schema and related topologies, let us help you design your analytic data warehouse and implement scheduled processes for updating with timely transactional data.

Analytical Development and Visualization

Using Power-BI, Tableau or other visualization tools, let us work with you to deliver the Analytics and Dashboards to help drive your business and expose helpful insights.

Data Wrangling and Digital Pipelining

Key to success in analytics is sourcing, cleansing and transforming raw data, aka “Data Wrangling.” Let us help you scaffold and build data pipelines to publish validated datasets to drive your analytics.

We specialize in and build solutions using the Microsoft technology stack.

Interesting Projects

Allow national submitters of e-recorded mortgage, deed and other county documents to submit packets digitally, eliminating over-night and mailed in documents. Integration of vendor portal submission via JSON and TIFF content passed to custom developed Visual Studio C# WPF desktop application with SQL Server back-end.

Build a process to take the nightly “snapshot” of a transactional SQL database from a cloud-based enterprise Property Management System and merge with a custom star-schema data warehouse. Auto validate & transform the data, creating aggregated metrics via stored-procedures and DAX.  Auto publish datasets feeding various Power-BI, website and excel analytical reports for operations and financial analysts.

Integrate into popular SQL-based Patient Management System via triggers and custom SQL backend database. Process, format and pass HL7 data via Mirth to an EMR (Electronic Medical Records) charting system.